Girls, What should I reply back?

So on insta I uploaded this picture of shake shack and I wrote my caption as my neighbor and I also kept the location as my hotel I stayed in. So they commented on the picture "one of the best neighbors you can have, thanks for sharing." I know it's stupid to ask this question but what exactly shall I reply?

Please reply?
Shall I be like, " haha that's for sure, I loved my stay at the hotel and I also loved the surroundings and your welcome!" ?


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  • Nothing, they're just a brand engaging on social media. You don't have to reply back. If you want you can just say "you're welcome!" or something super generic, or make a joke.

    • Can you give me something sarcastic? Nothing sarcastic is coming in my mind right now :p

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    • Hahah I know, I sometimes think too much. Thank you, have great day! :D

    • Lol no worries, you too! :)

  • You don't need to reply. Not every comment needs a reply.