Why can't I stop comparing myself to other people?

I never do it in terms of looks. Ever.

The only time I do is when it comes to studies. Or jobs that people do.

Like I felt so bad when I saw how many people made honour roll because I didn't. I get obsessed with things. I am so intimidated of the people that I can't have normal conversations with them.

Or if someone is doing something that I think is pretty difficult employment-wise I always think about that person, and what it must be like working that job, and if I am not that great for them to be friends with.

What's wrong with me? Why am I like this?


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  • there's nothing wrong with you i think. im a dyslexic and i always failed in studies and school, and i couldn't study my whole life and i always compare myself to the people who can study good and have good jobs. so dont worry your not weird or alone and there's nothing wrong with you

    • I hate how much people think studying=you are an amazing person.

      It's RIDICULOUS. It really is.

      Like when I was in school and I'd finish my tests I wouldn't remember anything anyways! It's the project work that I'd have some memory of.

      We act as though someone who does well on tests etc. is more educated but really after graduating everyone forgets most of what they learn.

      Thank you for your post. I used to not do well in high school too in math kind of subjects, and my teacher used to try to make me feel dumb. I thought screw her and went to a good program and will likely have better prospects than her.

      Studies is not that important although we make it out to be. If you're a talented person, wihch I suspect you are, you will make it big and maybe get more happiness and success than other people who studied

    • i agree with you totally, it was same with me, my teachers used to try to make me feel dumb too.
      and i also hate it that people thing studying=you are an amazing person

  • Believe it or not, people compare themselves to others all the time. Its normal and sometimes we find ways to relate to others as well. However it becomes a problem when it affects the way you look and think of yourself, self worth, confidence and feel you are not good enough.
    We are all different so you gotta learn to appreciate yourself, learn your weaknesses and work on them. Become more aware of who you are and see that others could also be comparing themselves to you without you knowing.

    • I think a large part of this whole studies thing is because my parents used to compare me to my older sister who was not really a bookworm but used to make them believe she's smarter than she actually is.

      They would be so critical of me it was a nightmare. They would have unreal expectations of me too. Like my mom would say when you go to your last year of University you'll do so well that the school will be like we've never seen a girl whose got such a high percentage.

      I was like... does she live in a dream world? There are so many smart students who graduate school every day. Am I suddenly going to become the best student overnight?

      Or the other time she had said, why don't you try for becoming a gold medalist?

      This kind of behaviour had the opposite effect on me and almost made me do badly in school.

    • In addition, when I was in school, my degree was half qualitative and half quantitative. It's not that I was 'bad' at quant. stuff because I knew a lot of people who truly sucked at it and I was still above-average. Like A- on midterms above-average.

      However I didn't enjoy those courses even though they were the more important ones. So I'd see other people doing amazing at them, and I'd feel even more down.

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  • You haven't felt good about yourself a lot... Find something that your so good at

    • I am very good at book-smart subjects which have to do with language.

      It's often looked down upon however as 'anyone can do this.'

    • Well teach people about it lol in youtube

    • Also it's not true. Anyone can't do it. Lots of people can't read large amounts of information.

      Ha ha. I'm not really much into youtube :P

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