Have you ever had one of those days?

I bet you thought this was going to be a rant about how bad my day has been. on the contrary, this is my realization that my life isn't all that bad.

Long story short, I have been suffering from depression, PTSD and alcoholism since 2011. It was a vicious cycle as my self esteem and confidence was rock bottom. I had no self esteem because i was piling on weight and i was piling on weight because i was drinking everyday and eating crap. this was reinforced by my PTSD and over time i lost all my friends and i was a recluse for the best part of 5 years.

Fast forward to the start of 2016 and i really wanted to sort myself out but I kept relapsing. Alcohol would inevitably creep its way back into my life, sinking its claws into me and dragging me back down.

At the start of July i secured a full time supervisors job working in a pet shop. I was shitting myself at the thought of having to interact with people but 5 weeks on and i finally feel like a normal person again. The first 3 weeks were hard and i wanted to quit, i hated being at work but over the last week something has clicked.

My confidence is back, I've already lost 8kg (17lbs) and im cracking jokes with good looking women who come into the shop. Today, whilst fitting a harness for a girls puppy i finally realized that my life actually isn't that bad! im quite enjoying my job (not hard when the majority of your customers are women with puppies lol) and people seem to respect me more.

I haven't quit drinking completely, but i now only drink Saturday evenings, and never on a work night. thats a big difference to what i was like a few months ago.

I guess the point of this is to inspire those who are in a similar situation i was in. If you have depression, PTSD, or any form addiction, you can overcome it. You really can!

I really was rock bottom, but right now im on top of the world.


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  • I'm really happy to have read this. Congratulations to you, and I'm glad things have improved so much! Thanks for putting a smile on my face, too.

  • Good for you! Congrats and keep it up!!! 😉


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