When talking politics, why no one seems to account for the male/female factor?

I mean, it seems that whenever a political issue is being raised, somehow that tiny little fact of whether the one speaking is a man or a woman, seem to become completely irrelevant?

In every other aspect of life we take it for granted that men and women are completely different and opposite, such as on those 'harmless' topics as "women like to shop, men don't',"men love cars, women can't tell a Ferrari from a Lamborghini"," women bond over gossip, men bond over watching sports and video games" ,"men want sex, women want... no one knows what women want" etc.

HOWEVER, when the topic is politics, suddenly, we are all equal, a woman's opinion is as good as a man's, and vice versa, in every single way, I mean... WTF?

If we are so different in all these other ways, HOW can you tell me that our opinions are equally valid when the topic is politics? That's like saying:"most women know as much about cars as men" or "most men care as much about fashion as women", which is ridiculous, obviously.

I mean, I tried to google the data on the breakdown of the gender ratio of the Brexit vote, and surprise surprise, I can't find anything. Obviously your gender is SO not relevant when you make a vote that my guess is they didn't record it.

Maybe there are topics in the world where women's opinions are much more correct and accurate, and there are topics in the world where men's opinions are much more correct and accurate. And disasters will ensue if we follow the wrong gender for the opinion.

Example: a husband bending to his wife and buying a crappy car because she likes the color!
Or, the wife of a family of 3 children bending to her husband's stupid dream of buying a 2 seat sportscar instead of a SUV.

Disasters in both scenario

Bottom line, why can't we just accept that, some gender are better judges on certain topics than others? Why do we have to be all "equal"?

Why can't we just go out and say: "YES I am better than you at this and you are better than me at that" ?


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  • As far as reproductive rights women should have the higher ground, off the top of my head I can't think of one for males but Im sure there is one. But things like lowering student loans or universal healthcare etc are an all genders thing


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  • There is no way to record that on our system. Even the age vote is worked out by average area age and polls. Since men and women are 50/50 you can't break down the vote without asking. Your ballet paper wouldn't ask your gender and our poll stations simply say who voted. They don't say how they voted... turnout among gender can be worked out.

    Before hand there were polls and articles claiming the debate was "dominated by men" but it was mostly just Harrit Harmen proving how little she knew about the EU. Most of the female politicians stuck to things we all care about regardless of gender.

    As for the overall point of "sometimes X knows better"... No they don't. Everyone has a different life expierance and I would know more about raising a child then a single women in her 30's. My gender isn't relevant on life expierance. Putting tests in before you can have a vote is not democracy. Minimum age is one thing but nothing else should matter.

    • there is no such thing as "things we ALL care about", mate.

      people have killed their children and their parents, how can you say there are things we ALL care about?

      when you say you know something better than someone because you have experience or "know better", you are denying the simple fact of evolution and the gender hormones that nature has governed that, this guy should be responsible for that, and that woman should be responsible for that.

      I mean, if we are all equal, why has no sh1t ever been given to woman football?

    • In politics there is. In the UK we all care about a good strong NHS. We all care about a good education system for our children. We might care for different reasons, might have different views on how to get there but we all want the same thing.

      There's a difference between being different and being equal. You can be both. I might not be the same as my brother but I wouldn't say one was above the other. When it comes to gender it's the same. People are shaped through life experience. They adapt to how the world is.

      I take issue with a lot of what you're saying. That because of my gender I'd be less qualified to say something about childcare then a women. I also take issue with you thinking the right to vote should be subject to tests. Who are you to judge anyone? Even in your own system it wouldn't be your job. You're not qualified to do it.