Very attached to space imagery lately?

Lately I've been practically dreaming of outer space. Deep space. Like I will see a video about new galaxies and planets and I will nearly tear up because space is full of places we will never get to visit! And there's so much! It gets me a little emotional. A swift kick to the feels.

We have zero real knowledge about what could be out there. New planets are found, stars, galaxies, but we see them relative to how they appeared millions of years ago in some places, relative to their distance. Where and what are they even like now? Every time we look up at the sky, we're looking far back in time.

I want to visit places other than Earth! 😭 lol


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  • I've always loved space too. It freaks me out but I love it. It's never too late to go to school you know. You're fantasy can be reality. Study study study and become an astrophysicist or even an astrologer.


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