Is it that my best-friend's parents dont like me?

So me and my best friend used to hang out A LOT like everyday after school for hours and on the weekends with another one girl and we have never fought even for the littlest things.
But lately her parents don't let come to my house or me going to hers or going to the center or for shopping like literally nothing and this month we only hung out two times! TWO FUCKING TIMES!
And I don't know if it's because they dont like me or because they fight a lot what do you think?


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  • its probably not bout you. mybe a prob at home


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  • Have you asked your friend for reasons why?

    • Yes and she says that they like me but they fight a lot and that's why but I don't know :/

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    • I do trust her but im afraid she is lying because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings or anything

    • I say trust her. If you can't trust your friends why have them?

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