Does group on work? and will store's honor them?

So i wan a try out a kicking boxing gym but am unsure if i would like it since am very picky. i find a group on for a kicking boxing gym near me& my girlfriend 5 classes for $15. The problem is I don't know if group on really work and if store's will honor their group ons. Am just looking for a good way to get in shape, that's fun but I don't know if kick boxing is for me.


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  • I've used Groupon and so have some of my friends. None of us have ever had issues with their deals. If you're concerned, call that specific gym and make sure they'll honor the coupon.

    • Thank you very much i find a gym rhat runing a sale $30 for 10 classes new memebers only so will try that. And am gonna try using some group on as will in rhe future since it says i can return with in 3 days if not used.

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    • Thank you very much lol am always like this trying new things

    • Haha, no problem. Sounds good.

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  • Yeah kickboxing is an effective fat burner

    • Will am skinny not fat but would be mice to have abs