Feeling Lonely? Help maybe?

Hey guys

This is happening to me last days
I dont know why
I just Feel lonely :\ even after i hang out with friends i just feel inside like Im alone and no 1 cares for me and this getting me some desperate i even starting stopping hanging out with my friends for some reason
I dont know whats happening with me
is it my past or what?
im feeling sad on nothing!! and this is really pissing me off and starting to hate my self
im trying to focus on my life but this is disruption me

have any 1 been in something like that?
and how i can get rid of it :S?


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  • Maybe you need some new friends. You aren't suppose to feel like that when you hang out with them. I think you should work on your self esteem, write down 5 things that you love about yourself every day (silly at first but helps), and try to expand your horizons; try new things, go to new places, meet new people. Try to be open for opportunities. Do things you normally wouldn't (as long as you're not super uncomfortable, but try to step out of your comfort zone). Spend some time with your family, get to know yourself, maybe try going out on a date.. Good luck!

    • i dont feel anything when im with friends or family but when im alone i start to get this feelings and if some 1 asks me to hang out i reject for some reason in me

    • Thank you, I hope it will get better for you!

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  • maybe u need a companion, and you'll feel lonely until u have one.
    ur not alone in feeling alone, i can tell u that... but finding the cure is something u gotta dig deep for...


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  • Hugs to you bro, life can be tough sometimes

    With the toughest thing being dealing with yourself. i know this sounds weird, but have you got a pet?

    If so, spend some time with it and be made to feel better by their sincere regard/love for you :)

    • Thanks man for your advices