What does this mean?

When you propose to a girl you knew for 5 months and you tell her that you like her and that your intention is engagement. And you ask her if she sees things the same way. And her reply is" I don't know what to say "

What do you conclude?


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  • Five months though? I think you should have waited longer than five months. She is definitely uncertain about engagement right now.

    • Well probably more than 5 months , 7 months I guess how to deal with things now

  • That she thinks that you're going too fast

    • Well probably more than 5 months I would say 7 months

    • How to deal with things?

    • Tell her that you don't wanna rush things and you don't want to put her in a delicate situation but you felt that that was the right time, besides "I don't know what to say" ask her how is she feeling, if she's okay talking about marriage

  • Maybe 5 months into the relationship is a little bit too early to bring up marriage.

    • How to deal with things now

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