How freaked would you be if the opposite gender ref/TJ jumped into the gang shower when you were there?

To me it's no big deal when they do it we all no what nude/naked people look like it's not sexual to shower with others

anyone else


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  • I'd feel very disrespected and definitely would freak out , that's rude to just pop in on a woman when she's showering

    • I respect that and understand

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  • Are you talking about public showers? I didn't quite get this question...

    • yes after a sports event etc you played in

    • Well, I personally don't really mind public nudity. For example here in Switzerland it's normal to go to a mixed sauna, where you're sitting around naked men and women. Some people also like doing stuff like nude hiking. So I wouldn't mind if there was something like mixed showers in public pools or things like that. I don't get bothered by saying naked people or being seen by other naked people.
      If, however, it was only one girl slipping into the men's shower for example (or one guy slipping into the women's shower), I would find it rather rude.

    • I feel the same in a way.

  • wed turn it into a gangbang shower then.