Why do people say they want you to be real, and then punish you for doing it?

All your life you are told to be honest, loyal, genuine, etc... but when you actually try to do these things, they hate you for it. They try to crush you, like you're a bug they must get rid of. But fakeness, shallowness, lying, etc. are practically celebrated in society. So, if we're supposed to be real and decent, why are we always sh*t on?


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  • By real, some people think like this, "Oh, he told me to be real; and the real me lies a lot , so let me just be that.."
    That's not it.

    Being real is being you but that is no excuse to be bad.
    If the real you is bad, then you aim to be good. Something called self improvement, I don't know.

    As for those who are already good, but people tries to bring them down, that is just how it is for most.

    There bad people and there are good people. The best thing to do is to not listen to them and focus on good.

    I believe that it is better to have a mind of your own. As in to not do something just because someone else says so, or because it is seen as something popular, etc.

    Sometimes that is seen as insecurity or low self-esteem.

    It's good to just aim to be a better person than you were yesterday.
    And also to not care about the "fakeness, shallowness, etc."

    Don't stress yourself over what is going in the barbie world or whatever they call it.

    Focus on you.
    When you become better, the society does so too.

    A wise one once said, the change starts with you.

    : D

    • I'm trying. I try every day because I prefer to be decent. Then sometimes I feel like giving up, but I still try anyway.

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  • Because... people love to be lied to... they lie about even that. They want the Truth as long as it their truth if you say something that's the truth but it's not what they're hoping to hear they'll get pissed... hence 'Political Correctness'

    ... But I don't give a fuck so... HA HA HA HA >:P

  • Are you "real" or just have no filter?

    • No I'm real. I don't manipulate, or lie, or purposely harm. I say what I mean, and do what I say. I have never been shallow. I don't hide how I feel. I'll have your back if you need it. I'm a lot more real than most people I've met

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  • A lot of people are too sensitive, too prideful, and they enjoy fake words too much to really handle someone who keeps it real.

  • Because truth is the pill that everyone wants, but can't swallow when it's given to them