Is Good and Bad just a matter of perspective?

I was thinking about it and it's really interesting actually. Because something bad for someone can be not so bad, or even good to someone else... And vice versa... So isn't everything like that in the end? Like good and bad is just made up... Almost an instance of control? What do you think?


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  • Nope, I don't see it that way.

    Smoking is bad, even if a person thinks it is good for them/enjoys it.

    Lying is bad, even if the person thinks it's okay to lie.

    Breaking promise is bad.

    Talking ill about one another is bad.

    they are ad because they promote chaos.

    • I agree with that, because you're screwing somebody over. But there's always 3 sides to the story. And in any situation good and bad can come, it depends what you focus on. If I killed a murderer, am I good or bad? I killed someone, but I likely saved another life.

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    • LOL... Prepared the scenario of an employee of a cigarette factory depending on people smoking... And depending on his job to feed his wife and children... Not so bad now is it... PERSPECTIVE... Bad for you... Good for him

    • It's nice that YOU would say that... That's just you talking lol... I don't have to believe you for crap...

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  • Exactly. There is no truth, there are multiple truths from multiple perspectives.


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  • Everything is just a matter of perspective. Think about it, when we die, everything we perceived life to be will cease and in a hundred years from now, unless you do something extraordinary, our life won't seem to matter and it's like we never existed.


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  • Interesting question. I would propose that there are two versions of good and bad: societal and personal.

    The personal good and bad is essentially what you talked about-- it's relative truth that changes individual-to-individual. The formation of how personal morals are formed leads to a whole other topic (innate vs environment), though I personally believe it is environmentally formed almost entirely.

    Societally morality, on the other-hand, is brought upon by the majority of the public. It's the collection of morals that make up what we consider the overall environment of upbringing. However, not all society is the same, and there are different sects of different morals, which influences people differently. That then leads to a chain effect of personal good-and-bad being effected, which leads to large society as a whole being effected, and creates conflict on society as a whole...
    And forms the society and we know as today. It's "the public good." It changes slowly but surely over time.

    I figure that personal morality is the quickest to change. Societal morality is the much slower. Then perhaps a third version of morality can be proposed-- universal morality, which constitutes the more fundamental "laws" (i. e. Cold blooded murder = wrong). This changes incredibly slow unless a cataylst (i. e. Hypothetical dystopia scenario) speeds up and turns everything on it's head.

    So all in all, good and bad is a matter of perspective... But the perspectives have a hierarchy ranging from personal to wordwide. There is our personal bubble and then there is the general societal pressure that pushes/influences our decision making.

  • did some summer reading for Philosophy 101 did ya?

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