If your friend is hosting a LAN party would you go?

LAN PARTY ( Local Area Network )
If your friend is hosting a LAN party would you go?House full of Gamer's - Energy drinks - food & swearing

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  • No
  • Maybe
  • Definitely
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  • Vote B.

    None of the people I know are gamers who would host LAN parties.


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  • Maybe, just to watch and see what games everybody be playin'. I think I'll mostly be a spectator if anything, depending how many people are actually even there. Any more than 6 or 10, and I'll probably just spectate. I don't drink energy drinks any more though, but if it's beer, maybe I'd drink it and watch my buddies compete or work together.

    It greatly depends on what games are being played there and if it's not something I would really enjoy playing or even watching, then I'll pass and do something else instead.

    Not a Halo fan either, and neither am I into COD, in case if you were wondering.


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