What are some signs a girl is not interested and only sees you as a friend?

What are some signs a girl is not interested in you and only likes you as a friend?


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  • Calls you bro
    Talks to you about other guys
    Maybe bro fist


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  • Screams obscenities and calls police after sex; viciously bites your tongue while French kissing; cites restraining order when you attempt to enter her apartment using screwdriver; similar malicious behaviors. Is she really wort it?

    • Aren't u a little to old for this site? Go take some Viagra and jerk off

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    • Ok I know I made ur day today, I was prob the only one u spoke to all day! I think it's past ur bed time. Don't wet the bed now

    • Based purely upon an objective assessment of your general demeaner as related to our questionable interchange, I think in the future you need never question whether a given woman is interested in you as anything more than a friend. In fact, if you should come across any member of the human species who actually admits to liking you in even the slightest way, tie them up at once and hold them captive in your parents trailer!

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  • It changes person to person

    • That helps

    • Well l can't say anything because of that ex. I'll say if she touches u while talking but it won't work if she does this to every guy then that will be her usual behavior... that's why u must observe her... if she acts different than how she acts to her other boy friends then that means she likes u

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  • She's not sucking your dick