I need help with a logo for a hard rock band?

So, we're planning to form a hard rock band callen Reckless Revolver. I kinda need to design the logo, the guys want a cat somewhere in there and a naked chick. (I was thinking a gun with a naked chick on it, spreading her legs and a cat covering her.. yeah, you got the idea). And since I designed tattoos for some people in the past, they want me to design the logo. Any suggestions?

Little update: they JUST changed the name to Reckless Wings. (I just found out and I'm not too happy with it either). So yeah.. any ideas?


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  • 1-gabriel-forgottenangel. pixels. com/featured/marlene-renee-gabriel-forgottenangel. html
    1-gabriel-forgottenangel. pixels. com/featured/freya-gabriel-forgottenangel. html
    1-gabriel-forgottenangel. pixels. com/featured/the-viking-gabriel-forgottenangel. html


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  • Sorry this comment isn't too helpful lol but your idea sounds awesome. Just wanted to drop by and say that.