What does this dream mean?

So I had two dreams last night that I will share:
In my first dream, my school was apparently right next to a bay. I was standing at the other end of the bay, and my family was there. My dad said, "I can't drive you to the other side, you will have to swim there". So I actually did. I ended up being late to class, but it was justifiable because it was a long swimming distance
In my second dream, I was friends with a talking cat. The cat was a girl. I remember her having a weird name, her name was either Anxiety or Prescription. All I remember is that started with either an a or p. Let's just call her prescription for now. She was taller was then most cats, standing at probably around 3 feet tall. So me and Prescription were just walking down the street, talking about things. The next day, there was a piece of paper with a weird symbol on it. The symbol was able to talk. I asked the symbol if he had seen a cat named prescription, he said "what, you hate cats? I'll help you with that". He then started shooting random cats. So then I took him somewhere else and I told him to turn off, which he did.
I'm curious on what these dreams could mean. What do you think?


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  • if we want to try and analyze the dreams
    1st dream... you feel like there is some hurdle that is preventing your success in school or are experiencing anxiety that something is serving as some sort of obstacle to your educational success

    2nd dream... i don't think there is much analysis you can apply to this. it sounds like teh sort of nonsensical stuff that sometimes occurs in dreams

    i think dream analysis can be tricky. yes you can dream about things that are on your mind and they can manifest in odd ways. but dreams can also simply be a serious of images that occur due to various neural action during your sleep


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  • They're just one of those random and crazy dreams that doesn't mean anything. I'm surprised you remember all of that in detail because I usually forget about those dreams the moment I wake up.

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