Help this desperate English learner?

Tittel says it. I'm learning English; my Grammar and Vocabulary are kinda OK, but my biggest problems appear when speaking; I start running out of words and feel hesitated. My teacher suggested to have some chatting sessions with native English speakers and that's what i'm looking for. 5 minutes twice a week would be great and i'd be very gratful :)
PS: if you're not willing to help, do not comment no Assholes needed.


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  • You might want to start by reading (English) books/novels or anything you find interesting to enhance your vocabulary. Watching English movies might help also! :D Then practice by speaking the language "orally". Ask your friends a favour and converse with them in English. I don't think chatting will be of great help in the sense that chatting is "typing"--not speaking. Unless you meant video-chatting. :D Also, you most likely will only learn informal English from it.

    • . i've already started reading books, i'm reading The Lost Symbol for Dan Brown n i'm having a great time reading it. thanks girl :) & have a nice day

  • Read some classic literatures + look up words you don't know and use those as frequently as you can whether by recording yourself doing a presentation or just making up a few sentences with each word/ or you can even throw some of those words in forums while answering a question or just in casual conversations.
    Read the newspaper or whatever articles interests you. (But careful on which news you pick. Most are biased)


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