Which one should I do?

I am an aspiring actress, but right now I am in college and I am interning right now at a film festival for a month. So anyways so there is some random shoot, like of random people's reaction to watching some movie scenes. So anyways it's an overnight shoot, so which one should I do? Should I do the over night shoot in which they will make make me do any random job like serve them food or take care of the people or I don't know something, or Instead I will have to go next day morning to the office and work the same as I do the other days but like mostly no one would be there at the office.

Friday overnight like from 12am till 7/8 am in the morning in which they will give all rubbish work or Saturday from 11 to like 5.30/6 which is my normal work but rarely anyone would be there in the office


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  • You ALWAYS go for the movie job.

  • Do the one thats most interesting to you


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