Self harm and the marine corps?

Long story short I was an idiot and cut myself about three years ago. My dreams of joining the corps were destroyed almost instantly after I realized that self harming is an automatic disqualification at meps, something I completely failed to think about before screwing up so bad. I have very significant scarring all over my body, so it's not something I can lie about at meps (I. e I fell, got into an accident etc). Since then I've given up on the corps, to try and pursue other things, but I constantly feel called to the marines. It's been a year since I graduated from high school and I've been working dead end jobs while going to school for a general degree because I don't have a passion for anything else. Last week I ran into my rotc instructor from high school. He is a retired first sergeant and was a "grunt" in the marine corps. He was also a drill instructor. He knew that I cut myself In high school and was one of the people who helped me stop. I told him my concerns and he told me that I should still try speaking to a recruiter. Another time, i was discussing my situation with a friend when a recruiter for the navy approached me. He told me that regulations change all the time for the military, and that I should try speaking to a recruiter because I seem very passionate about the military. A friend told me that after the election the military will probably be upsizing, and therefore they may loosen their standards to allow more people in. I guess I wanna know if things are just over for me or if I should even bother trying.


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  • it was a blessing in disguise.. why the F would you ever want to be part of the united states military today? i have respect for the military men and women of the eary 1900s (WW1) and the WW2 men and women, but america today is using its military to be imperialistic and to control the world..

    how on earth can somebody want to be part of such a huge wrongdoing like that?

    • I get what you're saying but I suppose that would only apply to me if I chose to be in a combat role where I'd be overseas killing people. As a female the us government will not allow me to be in any combat position. In the corps I would do something less military orientated, like engineering. I don't wanna kill anyone. Rather it is my dream to simply be able to say that I earned the title of "marine".

    • makes sense... fair enough

    • thanks for mho!

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  • Yes, absolutely. You don't know until you try. To be honest, I think overcoming self-harm shows the right kind of fighting spirit.

    • I appreciate your kindness, enthusiasm and encouragement but I hardly think that the marine corps sees it that way. They aren't exactly the most sympathetic branch out there...

    • Well, here's what I think: you go and you find out for sure that you're ineligible. It will be good to have the certainty, at the very least. There's a degree of finality to that which will give you some closure.

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  • Vote Trump.

  • If you're still slef harming, you shouldn't try and join again


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