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So I'm trying to come up with a character for this book I'm gonna write. I don't have a name yet but here are some of the characteristics of this character. He's tall, dark brown hair, hazel green eyes, light tan, structured face with high cheek bones and lean athletic build. He dosent let anyone really know what he's doing in his free time. These are some of the things this character dose. He more of a loner so all his free time is spent by himself he has sex with hookers and strippers, he dose a lot of drugs, he smokes cigs, he drinks alcohol. When he's talking to people he's vague with his answers. He speaks calm and slow and he tilts his head down and looks up through his eyes. He wears a lot of dark colors. He's always leaning against something and when he sits he is practically laying down. He also has a lot of violent thoughts. How would you describe this character also what name do you think would fit him?


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  • that type of character sound like the mysterious bad boy that has a sad , violent and traumatic past that uses drugs and sex to mask the pain and scars of what happened to him and never lets anyone get close emotionally due to the fear of getting hurt if they get to close and for name i would go with something uncommon and unique like Nathanael or something


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