Where can I find people who are interested buying CDs?

I have many CDs for sale, but it’s really hard to find buyers these days. Fuck!

And please don’t tell me to sell them to a shop, or even worse give them away.


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  • I heard the Middle East is still big on CDs, Iran i heard? Retail CD stores still do big business there, there's even still Virgin Mega Stores there. Of course the shipping costs will probably not make it worthwhile unless you have some rare stuff, but dont expect to make much profit since the convenience of streaming and mp3s outweighs buying CDs these days for most people

    • Well guess I'm lucky, since where I live is close to middle-east.

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  • Try a third world country. It's a dead form of media man. Even my mom has moved on from that technology and she can barely use a computer mouse. In the U. S. they're kinda worthless.

    • US? I'm not American. But sounds good. Although do they have money to buy them?

    • Probably not what you're asking.

      I think your biggest problem is Amazon. I can buy used CD's shipped for almost nothing. Also, i doubt CD's will have a resurgence in popularity like Vinyl has in the last few years. I'm buying used vinyl records by the box load every weekend. They have a richer sound.

      Good luck with the sale.

    • Ah yeah indeed. Judging by the remasters of the present decade it makes sense. Last decade most remasters where in CD format, but in the present decade they are in Vinyl format.

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  • Ebay? Or maybe you could offer them on Amazon.

    • Offer? No offers. Only sales.

  • Donate them to a charitable organisation.

    • Did you read my last sentence?