He didn't kiss me just he touched me, if you know what I mean... but he has a girlfriend?

When it was over her said " that never happened"... What does that mean? did he take advantage of me cause he knows I've liked him for 5 or 6 years?

he is also my neighbour


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  • He didn't take advantage of you. Sounds like you were a willing participant in whatever happened, especially since you knew he had a girlfriend.

    He said that never happened because he's scared his girlfriend will find out he cheated.

    • Thank you, I'm just upset on how it all went down. His girlfriend is leaving in little under a month and they are already fighting.

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  • Heat of the moment maybe?

    • Yeah thats what I was thinking too... It was just and awkward situation cause we were in his parked car and my brother was sitting outside of it and they were haveing a perfectly normal conversation.

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