Do you think telegony (Children carrying some DNA of ex partners) exists?

Telegony is observed in all mammals by observations. And most of the herders belive it by their experiences. What about humans?

My black friend said that one of his ex girlfriends who is white, married a white guy and her children look kind of him. I'm shocked when I saw the photos, what do you think telegony or polyspermy may exist?


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  • I think it's possible. It's too soon to know for sure.

    • Yeap, of course it is too soon. But, I think science would not tell us, if it is true. Feminists would just get mad, if it is true. It is human nature to have carrying same DNA offsprings. So, guys would be less into relationships with women slept around a lot.

  • I believe so. I remember seeing a documentary like these were they say all people tend to have at least a 3rd persons DNA in them for some reason.