How long does it take for a fingernail to reattach itself?

The nail on my thumb has been discolored for like 6 months now and it's not really connected to my thumb like the other ones are. It also doesn't grow as much compared to the other ones, what's up with it? My nail doesn't hurt or anything and it's better than it was.

I can't really remember how it got this way. I either got it caught on something or poked it, I actually think it was both. I poked it with a thorny plant and my thumb swelled up for a day or so and then went back to normal.


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  • It won't reattach. The nail will fall off and a new one will grow...


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  • It won't. Another nail will grow in under it eventually pushing the dead nail off. If it's loose you can just pull it off.

    • I don't think it's going to fall off. You can see where the nail looks like a normal color farthest back towards the skin, like the it's trying to grow back normally. The nail never got torn off, it just isn't connected to the bed completely.

    • When I smashed my thumb a while back it eventually detached on the sides. It was still another couple of months before the base let go and it fell off. It was Purple in the middle and normal looking at the base when it detached.

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  • You need to talk to your doctor it sounds like.

  • You might need to have it removed and have your nail bed treated there could be an infection there.


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