Why almost every guy in the pictures of MyTakes has a beard?

That’s really bizarre. Is there any certain policy, not using shaved guys?


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  • It's what's "in" right now. These guys with the shaved sides and big beards will in a few decades go down in history the same way mullets did before - that god awful and stupid looking style.

    • Beards have been around for centuries. Let's not pretend beards have only become fashionable in the last few years. Beards have always been fashionable around the world.

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    • It looks epic.

    • Yeah it's gross. Although mullets are fine. As a fan of the 80s decade in general, I consider them normal hairdos and I have a similar hairdo, but not like the guy in your photo. Something like Bono from U2 in his younger days.

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  • Beards are fantastic, I have a nice bushy beard and wouldn't shave it off for a million dollars.

    It makes me feel so epic.

    • I wouldn't accept to wear a beard for a million of... well I don't use dollars where I live, but still I wouldn't accept anyway.

    • That's the beauty of freedom of choice.