What do I do if I don't like who I am?

I did a personality test called the big five personality traits (This is a scientifically calculated test) and it had really opened my eyes to what kind of person I actually am, and I hate it. I'm introverted and over-emotional, however I can't express my emotions. I get offended easily and find myself being uncomfortable and not open with everyone making them feel uncomfortable and can't make friends as easily. I definitely know that this is all true; especially the "gets offended easily" because I am getting offended over a test lol.
I tried searching up different things that would help me become more open and any techniques to help me express myself but can't find any... I don't know what to do. I want to be open, friendly, enjoyable and become comfortable around anyone. But I'm not like that and hate it!
There are some traits that I do like about myself but the eye-openers are the ones I really hate. What do I do if I don't like who I am? :(


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  • Ah, in order to be "more open" all you need to do is have a standard behavior and not dread what other people think

    • A standard behaviour? As I've found out and have been told; apparently I can swing from one mood to another, one behaviour to another. I guess it just hard to push myself into a behaviour. I try not to care what people think but its easier said than done :(

    • Standard behavior means that you just do what you think is OK in that social context

  • 1. Accept who/what you are.
    2. Be honest with self
    3. Make conscious effort to improve self, whatever constitutes as improvement to you.


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  • The thing with personality tests like that one, they just out way the variance. so why not join a club where you meet new people. Change take baby steps. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. You need to work on yourself internally before changing. Love yourself for who you are, that's the first step. Once you accept yourself for who you are everything else will be easier. Like making friends because you will have more confidence. You have some insecurities you have to work on, you should never run away from something that you can fix.

    • Yeah; I'm all about improvement. But if its something that is genetic then there is nothing I can do about it. My mother is the same so I guess I will be too.

    • Genetic? Being an introvert? That's more environmentally the genetic if you're taught to be outspoken as a kid you will be. And you being scared of rejection can play a role as well.