Do you agree that in international media, the 'v' in spoken words rather sounds like a 'w'?

There are people in media who claim to pronounce words that way, saying it would sound "more international"

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  • Nope? The only people i know who say Water as Vater would be "Ze Germans" xD.

    • Are you German?

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    • Ah okay. I just asked so that I wouldn't explain you something you already know. Well, the confusing thing for us German natives is that in German the W is pronounced like the English V. That's why a lot of Germans say "vater" instead of "water". And more confusingly, the V in German is pronounced like the F in English.
      So when you're a beginner at English, it gets a little messy. I remember struggling a lot with that W and V thing in the beginning. It took me years of practice and close analysis of my own speech to finally learn it the correct way. One word that was particularly hard for me was "veggies". When I lived in America as an exchange student, I would also say "wedgies" instead and of course everyone thought that was hilarious and I didn't get why people were laughing ;-)

    • @BlueCoyote Haha wedgies, that's a good one xD.

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  • Maybe, you hear it a lot with people who's first language isn't English. I can still understand what they're saying and it doesn't bother me because my pronunciation probably wouldn't be perfect in a foreign language.

  • Wagina, I don't know. I think I'm just going to stick with vagina.

    • Just thought about it when I heard the word "Pennsilwaynia"

  • German say the English letter "w" as v
    AMD say the English letter "v" as f

  • who are the international media?