Can someone advise me on this job and if I should call the manager?

So basically, I interviewed for a job in retail exactly 4 weeks ago. After having waited 2 weeks for a call, but with no callback I assumed I hadn't gotten the job and the manager had told applicants NOT to ring them to ask about our applications, that they'll ring us only if we got the job, so I just forgot about it altogether. However, yesterday I was running errands around town and bumped into the manager who interviewed me. He recognised me and said that the only reason he hadn't rung me yet was because they'd received so many applications so they're still reviewing them. He apologised and said he'd definitely 'get back to me/ call within the next couple of days.' So naturally I'm confused now, does it sound like I actually have the job, and should I bother waiting around for a call from them or not? Or should I wait and call them?


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  • Keep looking. There's still hope.

    One thing I learned from looking for jobs is that you need to apply everywhere and get offers, pick the rest and negotiate.

    "Sorry I got an offer from here"

    "Oh geese, because we were really hoping you could come with us"

    "Well nothing's finalized yet. How about I come in and we can talk abut what you got for me?"

    Applying for multiple jobs feels bad because you get scared of declining people, but you have to do it. It gives you leverage.


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  • Tbh it sounds like you don't have the job and there is not much you can do to get it if they don't want you. I would send out your CV to other places.

    • Yeah that's honestly what I thought.. But why then didn't the manager just tell me I was unsuccessful? It's so misleading

    • Bosses tend to do that. Usually they don't but sometimes they do. It is misleading but that's how it works.

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  • Don't call them. They will strike you off completely.

  • I don't know that many applicants for 1 job & it's taken them a month to process them.
    Don't they need this position filled? That or so many people leave they just go to the next one on the list.

    • It's not a 'position' because they're always hiring

    • What's that tell you? They're always hiring. "That so many people leave they just go to the next one on the list."
      Sounds like they just churn & burn their employees.
      To me a position is anything from warehouse, sales, associate, cashier, mgr, etc. Any person that works a job has a position with that co.

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