What's the difference between ironic and sarcastic?


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  • Irony is used to convey, usually, the opposite meaning of the actual things you say, but its purpose is not intended to hurt the other person. Sarcasm, while still keeping the "characteristic" that you mean the opposite of what you say, unlike irony it is used to hurt the other person.

    - Google search.


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  • Sarcasm - Can be seen as rude or funny. It is one someone says something that is opposite of what they mean.

    Situation: It is a rainy day outside.
    Person says: We have such thing weather today!

    Situation 2: A room is cold due to the air conditioner that is on.
    Person says: It sure is warm in here!

    These are responses of sarcasm.

    Irony describes an unexpected action or result that occurs

    Example - I make fun of someone that steps in to a mud puddle only to step in one moments later too.

    Example 2 - I dreamt about this man that I hadn't seen in years, only to bump into him today.


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  • hi, i think irony can be more of a statement of how something is like 'thats so bloody typical that happened' whereas to me most often sarcasm is something i would hear from a person said in even a different tone and a little undermining or negative, done at its best it can be funny like irony. have you ever listened to alanis morisettes song, isn't it ironic, im guessing maybe not because of your age, have a listen, its a lifelong favourite of mine and if you bother have a listen to 'you learn' a must guide to life in my opinion xx

  • Ironic is like... a murderer by chance being murdered by another murderer. Or someone who used to be extremely shy, esp. about speaking in front of crowds, but is now a motivational speaker
    Sarcastic is when someone plays stupid when another person tells them something that's plainly obvious or something they already know
    Ex: Veronica: Hey Julie! You have blonde hair!
    Julie: ... REALLY? GEE, I had no clue! *eyeroll* (of course Julie knows what color hair she has on her head)
    I hope these helped lol

    • "Ironic is like... a murderer by chance being murdered by another murderer." - That, my dear, is a coincidence.