Is house flipper an attractive profession?

Do you think it's attractive? Why or why not?

Keep in mind that you get to sit home and do nothing a good portion of the time.


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  • That's not a profession.

    • Yes it is. People make millions per year doing this.

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    • Asker just say you're a contractor of sorts. That's a somewhat reputable profession.

    • @MrAtticusLebowski I'm not a contractor. I find houses that may or may not be off market. I hire contractors to do the work or do it myself to rehab the house. Then, I sell it. If you run the numbers right, it's a simple formula.

What Guys Said 2

  • I doubt you'd be staying home rather than chipping in to maximze your profit.

    • And yet that's exactly what he says he does...

    • But there's still the time in between the rehab and the sale where you're just waiting. Plus, professional rehabbers that do this regularly are doing more than one house at once, so they can't be everywhere and they are more "managerial," than hands on labor.

  • only if they jazz hands every sale

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