Do you think im wrong?

(Besides being in control of whatever i feel)

Falling for someone that took the time out to talk to me besides "sex"? The only person ever to text/call/vid chat? the only person at all? For couple years? to meet up when we can? The only person that would stick around after not getting what they wanted? To stick around and say its okay? To still talk to me after sex, and ask if im ok? To pop up out of nowhere during the day to say, i miss you bu? to always ask how i am doing? To always remind me of how they are feeling about me? From not having something i always thought about, to finally having it? And then now that they aren't here, i feel so lost, am i wrong to feel that? Am i wrong for feeling that no one pays attention to me like they did? am i wrong for feeling that no one gives me the time of day like they did? Am i wrong that its been so long that they aren't in my life, that im still crying? What do i do?

Am i wrong?


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  • No I don't think you were wrong to feel that way


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