If you will suffer a serious road accident?

and your recovery will be long and hard. You then change your perspective on life, due to the accident. You try to keep a positive attitude so you healing and recovery will go through better. You also remember good times you had before the accident as trips you took and you keep remebering those good times.

Is it appropriate to remember the past an dwelling on it or that will hurt you as you recover? Also due to this accident will you change as a person to your friends? I mean you will treat your friends, casual friends differently or that is something is not nice to change?


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  • I'm already pretty negative on a daily basis, so yeah, it would definitely change me for the worse. I'd treat my friends like crap, like unloading on them the tragedy that happened to me.

    As for remembering the times before the accident, I think it is inevitable, and I would sure hang on to those, and maybe try to recreate them in my new condition if possible.

    • The guy in question madea 180 degree turn today. He finally updated his FB profile after like 2 years of not updating, and many friends and casual friends noticed that and told him It was good he is back to FB agaI and wish him well on hsi recovery and gave him comments and he thanked them all. I guess he was so away from everyone he was not in a mood to talk to anyone or at least not talk too much. U won't give him a LIKE to his profile neitehr I will give him a comment probably he wil believe I dont give a ratz about his current status. He has not treated me well while he was recovering, he thought I was hitting on him or coming on to him cause I wanted to mail him a Get well soon card 2 mos ago and he got a bit bothered I was thinking in doing that just becasuse I had to find his home address through another person not him direcrly and it was a nice gesture for me to do so, maling him a nice thing and cheer him up also I texted him 1 week ago to ask him how he was doing and he never

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    • the thing is that I haven't told u the whole story that was half of it. No. the 2 years is because he dont use social media much and the last time he kind of updated his profile was maybe 1 yr ago until yesterday he updated it.

    • Yes I try to send him a Get well soon card but he took it the wrong way like I was hitting on him or something, just because I did not ask him directly about his home address and I ask for help to his best friend., so maybe he is in a sensitve stage due to his accident that he sees things now differently and even see people in a different perspective. or somethign who knows.

  • People are always changing or in some perspectives "evolving". I've already been in horrible accidents and life changing events (homeless, parents death, friends death & mental illness) and of course they change me.
    Everything will change: friends, casual friends, family and you will change as a person to your friends. There isn't a magical shield to prevent that.

    • But why you change to your friends. They have nothing to do with the accident for instance or they were not your friends fault either

    • It's not their fault that their views differ from your new views. People develop new views that alienate their old friends.
      Common sense.

    • Maybe because I wotn change is the reaosn I dont get it why other changes when it is not your fault. I mean friends stick together on good or bad times why a friend has to isolate aother one., just dont get it.

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  • I've already been in a really bad accident it changed me

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