Girls, How do I look decent without makeup?

my boyfriend has never seen me without makeup because we're always going out, but today we're just going to meet up for a second by my house so im not going to put on a whole face of makeup just for that. my skin is pretty clear, just a few blemishes. thats not what im worried about. i just have very light eyebrows and eyelashes. with mascara, people ask if my eyelashes are fake because they're so long but without it, they're barely even visible! same with eyebrows, with eyebrow gel i have perfectly arched shapely eyebrows, without it they are really thin, out of shape, and barely visible as well! what should i do?


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  • There is nothing to do. Just wash your face, put your morning cream on and... done.

    Not being able to show your bare face to your boyfriend isn't healthy. He will eventually. You have to be at ease in your skin with to without makeup. I personally love makeup but I have zero problem going barefaced in front of my boyfriend and it just feel good. Don't overthink it.

    • well yeah eventually i was going to show him what i look like without makeup, but we just started dating so i figured it'll be much later. i've sent him pictures of how i look when i just woke up but it was at the perfect angles with good lighting. i feel like it'll be so different in person

    • I always though "be your true self even at early stages". You shouldn't wait because it's just the beginning. Own it now. You will just get nervous later.

    • yeah you're right (:

  • Id put brow gel on. And lip balm of some sort. Nothing over the top. He will eventually see me bare-faced, but id probably want to have smth on my face in the beginnijg. And those two products r really not much

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