Would this person deserve forgiveness?

I saw this on a Spanish soap opera:

A mother forbids her 10 year-old son to play with his female childhood friend Julia. Julia's mother had an affair with her friend's husband and the both died in husband's car.

The lady took her anger on Julia and even slapped her after her son disobeyed her, claiming the girl is just like her mother. For years the woman did every thing to ruin that girl's reputation.

10 years later (both of them now 20 year-olds in love), it's discovered the Julia's mother wasn't the mistress but rather her younger sister. On that fateful day she locked her sister in her room, went after the guy to stop them from having an affair, to stop the guy from abandoning his marriage... to stop them from leaving.

The lady finally apologizes to Julia for how she treated her all these years as well as for everything she said about her mother.

Personally, to me it makes no difference whether the mother was the mistress or not... the child is a different person. Even if the parents was the culprit, you still don't take your anger out on a child who had nothing to do with adult issues.

  • Yes, I would still forgive someone like that
  • No, she still took her anger out on a child
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If someone treated me like that for years and only apologizes after find out my parent wasn't the culprit, that doesn't take away the fact that you still don't treat a child like that. I wouldn't ever forgive that lady if I were Julia.


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  • I had to say forgive her , not so much to ease her mind or conciounce , but to free me of the anger that would hold me down. It's not everyone's choice to forgive and that's why I'm happier than those people


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  • I'd forgive but not forget. I'd not meet her once more.

    • That would be hard if you ended up marrying your long-term partner and you guys have a child. By then that lady becomes a grandmother.
      The soap opera ended that they got married. I would guess it would be awkward from there on.

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