I just got told I was concieted? and that there's too many pictures of me on facebook? Like wtf?

I was told i should delete half of my pics cuz there's a thousand of me. Which is just sarcastic when there's only like 44. Mind you, like 8 out of 44 are different pics, either me with someone or like my neice etc. And reason why there's 44 because it added up from like 2010, i never deleted any pics. Why are people so bothered if i seem concieted? Like what? Im confident but im sweet as fuck. Im not a bitch or anything. I dont walk around like my shit doesn't stink. Is it because they're insecure or something? Or the thought of someome being better then them threatens them? Like they feel belittled? Which i mean no one is perfect. Neither am i. heck im jealous of other people, (in a good way) like i wish i looked pretty as her etc, etc. I just dont get why. Like if i really was conceited (which im not) why would it even bother another person? Like who cares?

If u get what i mean?


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  • people in some cases enjoy knocking people down? its sad and always from a faceless message to spineless and sad fuck em!


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  • don't let it bother you, they'll always try to put you down just keep doing it, no one's business even if you'd upload the same selfie 44 times it's your decision


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  • Whoever said this needs to stop counting and get a life.

    • A good 50% are my cat. What you gonna do, accuse me of being a crazy cat lady? Sure, that's fine. My boyfriend knows it. Accuse me of no life? Sure, that's why I'm a business owner.

      Post what you want. It doesn't define your life completely.

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    • Thats what i was thinking. I was like if it bothers you, thats not my problem, its you. Oh well eff them, ill post moree to agrivate them! Haha

    • Nah just post what you want! We all have lives, I mean I'm a trained social media marketer and now a photographer. I don't perfectly set up every picture with the perfect hashtags, I post shite I want whenever! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are all supposed to be relaxed places to express yourself and connect with others. Be yourself and don't care :)