Thoughts on Lexus automobiles?

I was unsure what to think about some of the newer Lexus cars... but I am warming up to them. They are apparently some of the most reliable and quality cars out there, with the fewest problems per "X" number of automobiles. Also, their progressive styling (particularly their lighting) is starting to sink in with me... I think it looks great.

I am seriously considering getting a Lexus RC F-Sport... not sure what model yet. Thinking about the 200t F-Sport... it's all I would need, and the most fuel efficient of the bunch. An ideal sports/luxury vehicle for the price.

Any Lexus owners out there? What are your thoughts on the brand?

Thoughts on Lexus automobiles?(RC 200t pictured...)


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  • I have a gs 350 and I haven't had any issues with it at all. I also bought it when it was already used. It's actually probably my favorite vehicle so far. I was looking into them before purchasing one and people say the parts/labor are kind of expensive though. It's just something you may want to consider before getting one.

    • Yeah I already have to deal with the pricier parts/service on my MINI... it's the price you pay in buying foreign brands. :/

  • Some look really nice, and the few I drove handled really well. I know it's pricey, and replacing a part is pricey.

    • Yeah I already kinda have pricey service on my MINI... any foreign car is going to be a little pricier unfortunately, but they typically look and perform so much better IMO! 😬

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    • Tight handling? I can't stand the feel of power steering in some of the larger GM cars for example... I like the "heavier" feel of a sports/performance car.

    • Yeah I drove a friend's Escalade and didn't like how it felt. Like, passenger seat I was comfortable of course, but I didn't like steering it. I prefer a smaller car, and luxury cars (even some non luxury vehicles) don't have that tight handling. I thought it was pretty smooth.

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  • It's literally the luxury version of Toyota. Cause they're manufactured by Toyota. Which is a great thing, since Toyota cars are super reliable.

    So you should really get a Lexus if you can.

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