Girls do you prefer looks, height, or muscles?

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  • It's all about that face boo

    • So if your are 5'2, would a 5'3 with looks score?

    • I would think so yes height should really be unimportant it's annoying how that's such a big deal

    • I like 😌

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  • Looks. I don't like muscles at all and seeing as I'm 5'2, I'm not exactly looking for someone too tall 😊

    • So if you like his look and same height, what would you say?

  • I would say looks, even though height is also important to me.
    I'm not a big fan of muscles.

    • So an ok looking guy an inch taller than you wouldn't have a chance?

    • He would. Since he's taller than me.

  • All of the above.

  • None! This is going to sound extremely cliche, but intelligence is my number one factor. Looks is second, then muscles, and then height. (I'm 4'10, so it's not hard to find a guy at least taller than I am.)

    • So a 5ft guy with looks would have a chance? 😜

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    • If his wits were up to it, then of course.

    • @Dave20154 And, I meant guys taller than myself. I'm already the legal height for a dwarf in my state, so if you're shorter than I am then you've probably got some sort of medical disorder.

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