What would you do if you found out the person you liked had anorexia?

How would you react if the person you liked and cared for deeply finally confessed to you that they have been struggling with anorexia for awhile?


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  • I'd probably try to help her out and just be there for her


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  • I'd try and help them.. Find out about therapy, counseling, and whatever it is they need go recover from it.


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  • We're going to start going to therapy together and we're going to be joined at the hip until she starts to develop a healthy image of herself.

    I'll try to cook and buy her favorite food and see what she can eat, I'm going to be eavesdropping and listening when she goes to the toilet to make sure she's peeing or pooping, and we're going to exercise together.

    I'm also going to research the hell out of the disorder and try to understand it as best as I can. Basically I'm going to be all up in her business until she gets better.


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  • not surprised. itd be obvious if i knew her at all. hopefully its not severe it usually isn't. few people with anorexia are in physical danger. they are just usually really depressed. other than encouraging her get a check uy if she's not eating well jut to make sure she isn't deficient in anything that can cause long lasting brain or heart damage -which ironically would make staying in shape really hard- id just be there for her like with anything else.

    people have all sorts of problems. apnea is a pretty common problem. its not at all surprising. but thing is its not about being skinny its about misuse of power. it goes against yourself instead of our there in the world. life gets wasted thinking of how thin yo could be instead of what you can be. thats the tragedy. not being thin but obsessing over meaningless shit.

    most people with apnea I've met are extremely strong willed and very intelligent and logical. anorexia its a huge waste of impressive strength. its like some sick joke someones strength making them weak.

    • check up*



      anorexia* not apnea

      anyhow people have to have the will and desire to live life and not be controlled by whatever keeps them from living it. you can't live someones life for them, and you can't baby sit them. adults dont become adults by being treated like children.

      there's new study suggesting anorexia is just part of a broad spectrum odd disorder. also brains have a strong tendency to show similar brain pattern as people with high functioning autism.

      anorexia is vey little understood and is looked at very differently than years ago. im sire will be looked at very differently teas from now. my guess is very little of it is about body image, as most people are obsessed with their image i the united states... however this obsession does neither give them the incentive nor ability to practice the kind of singe mindedness and conviction and extreme discipline high threshold for pain, known amongst people diagnosed with anorexia.

    • most people with anorexia do not look emaciated. they look like slim people or even chubby. the bulk ofd what goes on is in the mind not necessarily exhibited in the body. anorexia nervosa is diagnosed by the mental activity surrounding weight or food or eating habits. not the weight itself. basically any behavior towards nutrition considered uncommon can gain you a diagnosis of anorexia.

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