Wtf! What is this?

I am Brazilian and i don't understand it.


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  • I'm Turkish and i'll try translate this just a second wait please

    • There is a song named "Ölürüm Türkiyem" and it's about how we love our country. Somebody changed this to "Ölürüm Brezilyam" it's not bad they're saying they love Brazil.

    • Why? Turks are crazy.
      Well can you translate for me? Please :)

    • Ölürüm Brezilya= We can die for Brazil. It's all about "we love brazil" "brazilians are best" etc.

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  • I'm Brazilian too and I have no idea what they're saying xD. I bet they admire us though. If any Turkish could help us to understand it...

    • Is it Turkish?

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    • @Prochto what is this?

    • lol We are willing to die for brazilia , for its Adriana , for the way amazon flows , for its yellow green flag , pele says "friends who samba , pass to each other " etc etc Xd

  • IT looks Turkish to me but I don't know meaning


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