Any republican/conservative here and why did you choose to be republican?

i just can't understand and i live in such a conservative place.


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  • Most conservatives have seen are only concerns with themselves, and whatever is going on in their life. They are usually selfish and nowadays people are a lot more right than near centre of the political spectrum. And today a lot of right wingers are just stupid, stuck in he old ways of doing things rather than helping with creating a better world they find more ways to keep doing things the way they have been done since they were discovered. Things such as using oil and gasoline, and just burning and creating garbage

  • When you start having your hard earned money taken away from you and given to worthless parasites who refuse to work... you'll understand.

    • your party is against same sex marriage , anti-choice and against immigration , and true i agree you need to work your ass of to earn and deserve your money but it's really hard when america is making the rich richer and no matter how much you work

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    • honestly you sound like a jerk!

    • The opinion of a teenager means less than nothing to me. Go spank your monkey.

  • I decided to put pragmatism before idealism, realism before blind optimism.


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