Do you agree to make caged birds illegal?

I hope I am being clear. Caged birds like the cartoon Tweety, for those of you who need a picture to see what I am talking about.

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Birds are not meant to be in cages. They are meant to be free.


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  • Its no different than small tanks for fish...


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  • if i let my finches out of their cage all they do is fly into things and end up getting injured and they die later, that happened to one of my escapees one time. if i can let them out without them injuring themselves and pooping all over i would let them. i hate having them in a cage too

    • Then take the patience to rehabilitate them into being independent and free if you really love your birds!

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    • the chaining thing, is for their safety not a punishment, but ok i get your point, but when was the last time you ate a chicken nugget, bbq chicken or a turkey sandwich?

    • I dont know but I think that if you have a parrot and dont want it to fly away you either put it in a cage or chain it. There might be safety arguments but the main reason I believe is the former. Regarding the consumption of chicken I dont see why it should change my view in any way. First of all I would be happy to eat pasta instead of meat, and secondly caging chickens is a convenience not a justification. Thirdly I am not really talking about chickens (I know that they are still bird). But if for a brief moment we assume that they ought to be caged for the benefit of humanity, what on earth have the parrots, the canaries, and the rest have to do with them. I mean we can surely uncage those.

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  • Birds are not meant to be in cages. They are meant to be free.

    Following that logic..
    Dogs aren't meant to be in human homes, let them run wild. Along with cats and every other animal we human's keep as pets.

    • I dont think it is the same case with dogs and cats. Dogs and cats love staying around humans and in homes, and after all dogs still love a lot to go outside to feel that freedom of the vast space. Infact it is often advised that one should find the time to take the dog out for the dog's benefit. I dont really see how you equated birds in cages with dogs in houses going out for walks.

    • What about the fish, the horse, the sheep and goat, the cattle.


      And dogs will stay with any as its owner as long as food is provided... If your argument is that "DOGS AND CATS LOVE STAYING AROUND HUMANS AND IN HOMES SO THEY DON'T NEED TO BE FREE"

      Who are you to claim that birds don't like staying around humans and human homes? It isn't an absolute fact that dogs and cats love being around humans and human homes... as evident by "LOST" posters/ads and every heartbreaking animal rescue&rehabilitation transformations.

    • I will address the first part, for the rest is unnecessary complicated like your values and way of thinking.
      Why the hell are you mentioning all the creatures that lived on Noah's ark? I was asking if you would make BIRDS ( did you get it, birds) in cages illegal? No need to mention the whole animal kingdom. We are talking about birds o. k.

  • I don't see anything wrong with them.

    • Wtf, do you think birds should be in cages as opposed to being free? Its scary that there are people like you who cannot see anything wrong with this.

  • What do you think about the chickens who are caged and lay eggs their entire life?

    • I also think that that should not be. It is extreme cruelty. Humans can eat lots of other food which is plenty available, such as wheat products for example.

    • I'm glad you are against that.

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