How do I change into a social person?

I wish I were less introverted and liked being around people more. Large groups of people scare me and cause me anxiety, although I do go out to clubs and bars all the time.

You never know who you are dealing with. Every person has the capacity to be a psycho or killer. You simply never know.

I wish I could have lots of friends but my brain just might not work that way. I don't trust people easily.

Did you know that isolation and loneliness can lead to heart disease? So can depression.


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  • Ok, you gotta know your strengths and weaknesses. And act as if you got it, as if were in control of the situation. Always have in mind that we all make mistakes, have flaws and problems. If you mess up, it's absolutely ok, people don't care as much as you think, and if someone rejects youjust because you said something "weird" or "stupid" he's not worth it, or maybe later he or she will get to know you better and like you. Fuck those who reject you. You may think you have a role, but destroy it and rebuild a new one, people gotta know this guy who's changing. Don't ever be afraid to stand out, it's a good thing, it's good to look awesome or cool. Try to use humor in situations to release tension. Be sure of who you are, or act as if. I recomend you reading "2knowmyself. com" and watch

    • You sound like one of those annoying people who talks too much

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    • Sorry I was rude. What's my problem? I have no idea. I'll be nicer from now on.

    • thanks for the mho!

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  • Man you sound more paranoid than anything.. "very person has the capacity to be a psycho or killer. You simply never know."
    Yeah if I'm walking down the streets at night in crack-head city over here it's a bit sketchy. Whats your job or do you go to school?

    • The funny thing is, I walk down the streets in the ghetto at night to put up advertisements regularly and I don't fear. But I feel uneasy around strange guys at bars (I'm not gay, but they are strangers). Yes, I am paranoid schizophrenic. Perhaps medicine will help.

    • They have anti depressant/anxiety pills I dunno how well they work.

    • I have prescriptions for antipsychotic (schizo), antidepressant, and anxiety medicine. I'm just waiting to see that these won't damage my liver, kidneys, or brain long-term.

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    • No thank you.

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    • So, then, take some damn milk thistle and ursodeoxycholic acid, don't drink yrself into a coma, and yr liver will be fine. Do you have such a brilliant life right now, that it's worth sacrificing in favor of imaginary liver health?

      Dopamine antagonists don't cause liver damage. Some antianxiety meds, like Cymbalta and other SSNRI's, *can* do slight liver damage, but not enough to endanger you unless you're drinking yrself into a coma or using 17-alkylated oral steroids.

      You are trading off BIG shit to protect small shit that's probably imaginary anyway. Decisions boyo.


      Finally dude... Anyone who cares about expensive cars is INSTANTLY going to know that the *interior* of a fake Lambo is... a cheap interior. Have you ever been inside an expensive car?
      You just KNOW.

      Anyone who knows Lambo's will know you have the wrong transmission in there (lmao)... but, even people who know NOTHING about cars will still be able to tell a fake that's made at 1/25th of the price point.

    • @redeyemindtricks I don't think people will know it's fake if they see me driving it or it's parked. Anybody who gets to know me well enough to be driving in it, I would tell anyway. In fact, I would probably tell most people that it was fake.

      I've also read that antipsychotic can cause gray matter loss in your brain. I need to dump my cheap "nurse practitioner" at the charity clinic for a real neurologist.

  • Oh don't do it, people suck ass.


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  • You can work on getting out of your comfort zone and build up your confidence. I had a rewrite on my personality due to trauma from when I was in my early teenage years. getting over it is made me more confident, social, and out going.