What is the point of being a good person and a hard worker? As soon as you can't keep up the image or the work your value and standing quickly vanish?

Being a good person and a hard worker is hell in this world. Being a good person means that you have to stand up for your values and continue being a good person even when you physically can't or mentally can't. Otherwise your just a hypocrite and are like everyone else. So we over do to keep up our image. Which translates to more work physically and emotionally. If the boss asks you to help out after your already dead from a hard day at work you have to because you will lose favor because your the ONE he can count on. No boss needs the person he can trust early in the day.

Morally it is the same thing. You have to stand up for your values or your just another self righteous person. At the end of a extremely hard week little to no sleep. Someone will ask you about something they want help with morally/eithicually. Your brain is going no were to tired we will say something wrong or we don't have the energy to listen. However you can't just say we will talk about it another day cause they won't want to talk about it then. So you push yourself yet again.

For so many reasons for work lets face it if your a hard worker that is working at a place where you don't know the boss and see him regularly. Your doing your work and the work of your coworker's. Because unless you do his work the boss will yell at you because part of the work is not done. The boss does not know nor care that it is your coworker's work that is not done and he did not do it. Also again this goes back to being the One he counts on to do the Extra work on top of the work you did already. So we kill ourselves keeping up.

I'd go into trying to get a girl but I only have a few more characters left and that would take a lot. Lets just say people don't want what they think they want in a man. Online dating only makes this worse because people are looking for The One and if your not it well on to the next. As a guy I try and go over to women but usually I just get insulted for doing so.

So why are we good?


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  • There's nothing wrong with being an honest, hard-working, dependable person. The problem is letting people taking advantage of it without doing anything about it and then complaining.

    At work, I do as much as my co-workers plus a little bit extra. This way, I'm not going crazy picking up everyone else's slack but I'm doing enough so that no one can single me out as a "bad" worker. There's no reason to do your job + half of a co-worker's job for the same pay and there's no harm in telling your boss exactly that.

    I'm not sure what you mean by only having a "few characters left" in reference to talking to girls.

    People are good, not because it's easy, but because they have a set of morals that they wish to abide by even if it requires conscious effort.

    • I meant that I wanted to say more but I could not with the allotted characters for the question. Besides to many "nice guys" already rant about that.
      Your lucky your co workers work and don't dump it on you. It really sucks working for a corporation. I work sure all the time but my co works don't because they only need to look busy when the manager comes around. They delegate work to us as a department not individually so if I don't do their work while they are slacking off then I will also be blamed. Personal does not care about my complaints they have the same thing going on in other departments and stores.
      Good point with why were good but honestly most of the time it is not worth the effort and extra effort. Which all goes down the drain as soon as you can't keep up the image.
      Good for goodness sake is why we start off good but why do we keep being good?

    • Complain to your boss that you'd prefer if the work was divided up into individual tasks and shared out in order to have proper accountability for your work.

    • They can't for legal reasons. They might show favoritism doing that. Honestly it is not really about the work. It is about the whole idea of having to keep up an image. As soon as you mess up in anyway you just another person. Your no longer viewed as a good person that is different from the others.
      I messed up with someone that I have known for years and well that's that I'm no better than the next guy. That is the fourth time that something like that has happened. Once the image is gone there is no reason to behave around me differently than the rest.
      Poeple begin to hide their "crimes" instead of talking about them out in the open where they will likely get me to come join them and talk about it from my perspective and try and help them with their problem or issue. However once you had a hard day and can't or don't want to talk about it then who care? We did this, this, and this I mean come on even dead tiered I don't want to hear that crap.

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