Should I buy this T-shirt?

I have nothing against Muslims, but I'm just a fan of MUSIC (especially rock and pop music) and also a guitarist, but the Muslims around here where i live call us Infidels (even if the Quran doesn't say anything about music) for playing and listening to music, and i always say: okay I'm an infidel, say what you want.
so i was wondering do you think buying this T-shirt is a better way to tell them I'm a Kafir (infidel)?
just to make it clear for them, girls' opinions are so important to me in choosing the one that fits me
Should i buy this T-shirt?or this one?

What about these?


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  • just buy it, it never offended me, we hate ISIS too FYI

    • lol, no one likes them :D

      they're as hated as Justin bieber

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    • And where do you live? Indonesia? Malaysia?

    • I live in Malaysia, we have multi racial and many religions too here -Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, Singh and they really offended to be called kafir (which we're not even call them like that as we're considering them as friends). yeah, i have no problem bout that too, I don't know bout that in Iraq

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  • I smell lawsuit lmao the first one is the Punisher logo.

    I would go with it cause I love the Punisher hah

  • Man I'm a Muslim
    I play bass
    and listen to black metal

    Tell them you're stanic
    And you have 2 devils in your room as pets :)

  • It feels like you are trying too hard tbh

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