Should I call today to ask for the job position?

I had a job interview for hostess position last Tuesday. Everything went well and the manager busted cracking a few jokes as well as I, and he said he's really considering in hiring me. It was non-stop laughter. Beside answering a few serious question, it was a more of a get to know you - I felt unbelievably comfortable. The manager complimented my hair and called me pretty about 3x. He told me the last day of interviewing people was Thursday and he'll let me know. Is it time for me to call? This is going on my 7th day, but he told me Thursday is where he last interview people. And what should I say exactly?

It's a high establishment that celebrities have even visisted Although small.


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  • I think you should go by when he's there and ask for the job. Let your looks do the heavy lifting.

    • That would mean tonight lol. If I was to do this, should I go dressed up proffesional or in a black dress?

    • Actually I think I'm coming off rather too strong and maybe thirsty for the job though I need the job. I'd wait it out for a few days and keep job hunting. Thanks though :)

    • I think you're right in waiting but if you do go, dress right on the edge of professional but very sexy. Stiletto pumps do more than any other item to get a man focused on you.

  • Wait 3 workdays after his Thursday deadline. Call and say "hello, this is Anonymous. I interviewed with you about the hostess position on July xx. I'm following up to see if you have selected a candidate." Then be silent.

    • Yes, I decided to wait it out a few days. I know he remembers me, and he would definitely call me if he considers me. If not, maybe I'll just keep job searching.

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