Did Trump attack the Khan's son?

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  • No
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  • Who gives a shit about that fool anyways


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  • In fairness I think he did not but I feel the furore is the disrespect he showed to Gold Star Parents. The GOP knows that, the Trump campaign have bombarded the RNC with requests for support on this issue and have been met with deafening silence. They know there are some lines you don't cross but when has that stopped Donald Trump before.

    • Why does he need to show respect to them? Im not justifying his comments. I think it was a stupid thing to say.

      Why does the service of the child demand respect for the parents?

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  • I dunno, did he rape that kid?

    • Is that how talk about a dead soldier who gave up his life, for his friends and fellow members of the armed forces?

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    • the fact it doesn't ever go further than a headline.

    • probably because there was no evidence to the claim?

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