Why do women think men are just sperm donors?

i am just wondering why women think men are just sperm donors if it takes two to make a baby


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  • I don't know anyone who thinks like that, but it may be because the woman is the one who has to carry the baby until childbirth. I don't know..

    • i know that but i was wondering why some women do if it takes two to make a baby as i know any decent women does not think like that unless they have good reason

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    • How often does your brother get to see his child?

    • just every other weekend and maybe one day in the week

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  • men are as useful as pieces of meat.

  • This is because of the culture of male oppression the liberals pushed down our throat. We are being a victim of tyranny

    • oh i never though of it that way

    • fuck me.. im trolling, someone agreeing this shit? haha this lame males claiming victimhood is just as bad as feminist sjw victimhood complex

    • lol i knew u were trolling

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