Awkward silences?

I'm a 10th grade girl who's really shy and insecure lol kinda cliché right? Anyways I have pretty bad social anxiety. I just don't know how to start/end conversations with new people, unless I'm with someone. It's awkward. I either run out of things to say or I just don't know what to say next. I hate it. But when I'm talking to friends I talk the most. For instance, I was at our basketball gym walking to the bleachers to watch my sister's game when I passed a group of guys, one of them said "Maddie!" And I knew him so I said "Hi!" Waved and walked to my seat. I realized awhile later that it seemed like he was calling me over to talk/hang. But I was intimidated by the fact that he was with a group of guys. Another thing I do, I have a crush on someone and I'll say "hi (*crush's name*)" and he'll say hi back and I don't know what to say next. But I feel like if I keep up this behavior, nobody will want to talk to me! No guys in my school will want to talk to me :( I want to have fun in High School and I can't do that if I'm stuck in this shell. I'm sick of awkward silence, what should I do?


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