Is painting hindu gods as cats offensive? I just saw this and wondering how people would feel about her paintings. I don't see how they offensive since:
pictures are clean
it doesn't look like she was mocking the gods
and three its just cats she painted.

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  • I am not Hindu, but I cannot see anything offensive about cat imagery.
    A god can choose to manifest as whatever they want.
    There is no rule which says that Shiva et al. cannot take the form of a cat.


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  • Imagine what would happen if you posted Jesus as a snake or a dragon? While Dragon Jesus is kind of a bad ass thought, it is a true example of blasphemy. It's a complete disregard for another religion and culture. Family Guy's and South Park's rendition/s of God are also considered offensive.

    Also keep in mind that it was an extremist group.

    • I understand but to me animals aren't offensive at all like cats really if the cats where cleaning their buttholes I would get it more. But if you look at the pictures they pretty decent.

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    • The best thing to do with internet hate is to just ignore it.

    • Yup totally.

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  • Sacred images are just that sacred. There's often hidden meanings on them and even from an atheist point of view (which I am not, by the way) there is absolutely no reason to anger a huge group of people.


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  • I've seen Jesus photoshopped to be fucking himself, so no, I don't find Cat versions of the gods very offensive. Of course, there will be those people who find any chance to be "enraged" about something, so there will probably be those who say it's terribly offensive.