Why do people pretend to be so perfect it annoys me?

Like everybody pretends to be nice people with sane minds but I know it's bs, you know like I know most people are all for themselves. I decided to get serious sense my last question was too much of an attention seeking question.


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  • Aren't you the one who used to constantly post pictures of themselves?

    • Lol that's not really the question and why do you keep coming to my post

    • I am not. It's the second time I comment on your shit.

    • No you keeping coming to my post lol how else would you know I post pictures of myself lol. So obcessive its crazy.

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  • You see today we put what's important on top of a pedestal. Let's say a girl likes twilight and loves Justin bieber. Movie, book, who cares. But, say if you hate some of the things about twilight and she over hear you. She'll eat you alive. But Justin said it dog shit.. She would agree some of the parts was kinda bad. What I'm trying say is they will fake somethings such as emotion, actions, or what ever the lower importance you serve to them. It's really popularity.


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  • Ain't nobody perfect fam. Them being nice means they putting in the work. Work shouldn't be overlooked.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Let me reword it.
      "Ain't nobody perfect fam." ---> No one is perfect.
      "Them being nice means they putting in the work." ---> They may seem ungenuinely nice but they're still putting in an effort.
      "Work shouldn't be overlooked." ---> Any effort towards you should not be underestimated.

      Not sure if it still applies kind of misunderstood your initial post.

    • Ok I get it, you have a point

  • What is the question?